Personalised cotton toiletry bag with base

KAT-R B 25X16X6

Toilet bag in natural cotton of 280 gr with base and zip customizable in more than 10 colours to choose from. Toilet bag with large capacity and strong fabric.

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Before adding to your cart, please upload your design here or send it after your order to, indicating the order reference.

Our Design Dept. will contact you by email to send you the visual within 24-48 working hours, once you make the purchase. We will not print anything without your approval of the design!

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100% biodegradable body material
100% secure payment
Oeko-Tex Standard 100 Certificate cotton
Made in Spain

Complements for this product

External label to add to my packaging


External cotton labels to sew on our Creating Bags packaging. Print them with your logo or design for a unique, corporate and totally personalised result. A perfect alternative if you don't want to print our packaging.

Select the same number of labels as the number of bags you wish to personalise. 

Once you have made your purchase, send your design to together with the order reference and the desired label format. Our design department will contact you to finalise the details.

Internal label to add to my packaging


Cotton inner labels to sew on our Creating Bags. Choose from our 3 inner label options:

1. Free option: label with Creating Bags logo, package composition and maintenance.

2. Composition option: Label with composition and maintenance of our packaging.

3. Customized option: Label with your logo, composition and maintenance or information of your choice.

Select the same number of internal labels as the number of containers you wish to customize.

For option 3, once you have made your purchase, send us your file to indicating the reference of your order and the label format chosen. Our design department will contact you to finalize the details.

Hanging Textile Tags

Make your products even more impactful and personalized than ever with these original natural hanging labels.

The design team along with the technical textile team have developed these special hanging labels mainly to contribute to the environment while getting an original, natural, elegant and impactful image of your products.

Click here on the button below and access different natural materials, geometries, measurements and combinations at the same time you can calculate the price depending on the units you need and the customization you want.


Personalised printed ribbon


Regenerated cotton ribbon customisable with your logo, design or phrase. Our printed ribbon is the perfect complement for your packaging, achieving a differentiating and unique result.

Select the number of rolls you wish to personalise, bearing in mind that each roll is 40 metres long. Then upload your file.


Toilet bag in natural cotton of 280 gr with base and zip customizable in more than 10 colours to choose from. Toilet bag with large capacity and strong fabric.

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Natural jute toiletry bag of 280 gr with base and zip customizable in more than 10 colours to choose from. Large capacity toiletry bag with waterproof inner lining.


Natural cotton toiletry bag of 280 gr without base with zip, customisable in more than 10 colours to choose from. Toilet bag with large capacity and strong fabric.


Toilet bag in natural cotton of 280 gr with base and zip customizable in more than 10 colours to choose from. Toilet bag with large capacity and strong fabric.

KAT-R B 25X16X6

A more original way to present your products

have you ever imagined the benefits of presenting your products in original packaging that your customers can take advantage of? Cotton toiletry bags are a must when it comes to introducing your products or packs, offering your customers the added value of reusable packaging.

Protection and originality: all in one

If there is one thing that makes personalised cotton toiletry bags stand out, it is their versatility for brands.

→ High quality fabric. Maximum protection

→ Customisable

→ With a useful life for your customers

→ Biodegradable and more sustainable

Grammage 160 g/m2

Made to order



Unlimited stock

Customised with your logo and much more

Cotton toiletry bags are the ideal packaging to print your corporate logo or a design that will make your customers fall in love with you.

do you want to go one step further in the personalisation of your toiletry bags? Choose the colour for your zip or choose the option of a toiletry bag with coloured fabric.

Discover some of our designs

Data sheet

Per model
Material of the main part
Supreme quality 100% natural cotton 280 g/m2
Type of opening
Folded inside
Type of sides
Neceseres de tela
Zip material
Width of the toiletry bag
25 cm
Height of the toiletry bag
16 cm
Base of the toiletry bag
6 cm
Type of toiletry bag
With a base

Frequent questions

¿Cuál es la cantidad mínima?

No hay cantidad mínima. Puedes comprar desde 1 unidad.

¿Cómo puedo obtener un mejor precio?

A mayor cantidad, mejor es el precio. Puedes ver cómo cambia el precio variando las unidades que desees en la casilla de CANTIDAD.

How can I request a sample?

Puedes adquirir desde 1 unidad. Indica 1 unidad en el modelo que quieras solicitar como muestra y añádelo a la cesta.

¿Cuál es el tiempo de entrega?

The printing costs that you can calculate on the website are for:
1. A single design, in a single size in the same color(s).
2. Maximum print size Folio A4.

If you need a larger surface for printing, send us an email to, indicating the model, size of the package, quantity and attach the logo/design to be printed and the measures you want for printing.

Our team of consultants will provide you with a quote as soon as possible.

Frequently asked questions

How do I calculate the price with printing correctly?

Indicate the number of containers you wish to purchase.

2. In the drop-down menu where "No logo" appears by default, indicate the printing option you want for your file.

3. Upload File: Upload the file you want us to print along with the size you want (if you know it) and the color. If it does not allow you to upload the file, send it to along with the order reference and comments.

4. Add your configuration to the cart and follow the usual online purchase process.

What is the minimum quantity to customize with my file?

You can customize any of our packaging or complements from 1 unit.

What are the delivery times for orders with printing?

You can get the delivery time of an order with printing in the same product sheet you want to configure.

Tiempos de entrega

How can I see the result of my file before receiving the order?

Once you have placed your order, the Design Department will contact you within 24-48 working hours to resolve any doubts, position your file in the package or size you want.

Finally, we will send you a tapestry so that you can have a preview of the result prior to your confirmation for printing.

How can I receive a sample of my printed file?

To get a sample with your printed file, purchase 1 unit of the packaging model or complement with print you want on the web.

What is the cost of preparation for printing?

This cost includes:
1. The management of your file
2. The set-up and preparation of your file for printing.

What kind of printing techniques do you use at Creating Bags?

The technique we use is direct digital printing with water-based inks. These inks are considered the least harmful to the environment.

In the product sheet, go to the "printing" section to select the number of colors and sides on which you want to print your file and packaging.

We will print the colors (except for white) contained by default in the file you attach to your order, taking into account that the materials we work with are natural shades. Raw tone in the case of cotton and light brown in the case of jute. Please note that the tones of your file, once printed, may vary in tone and present a duller tone.

Here are some printing examples:

Examples of digital printing

impresión en digital

If you want the color resulting from the printing to be practically the same as your corporate color, send us the specific Pantone color. In this case, we would apply the silkscreen printing technique.
If you would like to receive a quote for screen printing, please send us your logo with:

1. The size you want
2. The reference of the package or complement you are interested in.
3. The quantity of containers or complements you want
4. The color or number of colors in which you want us to print your file.

Examples of flat screen printing

impresión serigrafia

Information about the washing of our packaging

If in your sector it is essential to wash our packaging, since we work with 100% biodegradable vegetable cotton and we use water-based inks, you must take into account that from the first wash, the ink could wear off.

If this is an inconvenience for you, we offer you 2 alternatives:

1. In the case of complements, purchase our internal composition and maintenance labels to inform your customers. You can choose labels on which we indicate the manufacturer (Creating Bags) + composition + maintenance. Or at cost, our labels with only composition + maintenance.
Click here to see the options.

2. Print your packaging with textile vinyl. With this technique, your packages are suitable to be washed. If you wish to receive an estimate for printing with this technique, send us your file with:

1. The size you want
2. The reference of the container or complement you are interested in.
3. The quantity of containers or complements you want

Examples of textile vinyl printing

impresión vinilo

File preview

Once you place your order, our Design Department will contact you by email within 24-48 working hours to send you the sketch of your design with all the necessary information. All you have to do is confirm the design and we will not proceed with the printing until you approve it!


Can I request a sample? Of course you can!


Click on the model you are interested in, leave 1 unit in the "Quantity" box and add it to the basket. Do the same procedure for other models or sizes you are interested in. Delivery time: 4- 6 working days.


If you want to receive the sample with your design/logo printed, click on the model you are interested in, leave 1 unit in the "Quantity" box and click on the drop-down menu to choose how many sides and colours you want your logo/design to be printed on. In this case, the costs of preparation for printing would have to be paid in advance (25€/logo + VAT). The deadline is about 4 - 6 working days from the payment and approval of the logo.

Once the order goes into production, Diseño will contact you by email to discuss with you the colour, size, position and other details of the logo to be printed. Nothing is printed without your approval.

If you do not want to pay the cost of the cliché beforehand, you can make the purchase of the sample without printing and we can send you as an example (if available at the time), cuts of printed fabric that we have here so that you can see the quality and type of printing we use. Please indicate this in the comments section of the order (in point 3 of the purchase process there is a box where you can write it).


For orders WITH logo/design customisation:

Shipping is free of charge

For orders WITHOUT logo/design customisation:

Shipping is free on mainland Spain for orders over 10€, otherwise shipping costs are around 6€ vat included.

If you have a carrier with a better rate or you want to pick up your order in Elche, please indicate in the carrier section, Pick up at the factory.