Sachets and bags to present your products
A more natural, differentiated and personalised packaging solution to present your products.
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Biodegradable cloth bags
In cotton or natural jute. Different sizes and customisation options in just one "click".
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Personalised cloth bags
Personalised fabric packaging in 100% cotton and jute of vegetable origin. More sustainable, more natural.
Personalised cloth bags

Sustainable and biodegradable

Your natural packaging alternative


Tailor-made and 100% personalised packaging

Unlimited stockpiling

Packaging for small, medium and large companies. We adapt to your business

Made in Spain

Without intermediaries. 100% local suppliers

Manufacturers of personalised cloth bags

Natural packaging and containers for

Our goal, to differentiate companies and businesses like yours through customisable packaging that is more natural and environmentally friendly

Natural complements for your packaging.

End-to-end packaging solutions

Learn about the end-to-end process that each of your orders goes through

Personalised advice

A team of specialists in customisable natural packaging at the customer's disposal.

Flexible production

Small, medium or large companies. We adapt to each business and its demand.


We take care of every stage of production and order processing from start to finish