The natural packaging alternative

Committed to your product

Experts in the manufacture and personalisation of packaging in natural fibres

Sustainable and biodegradable

Packaging made from 100% plant-based fibres, customised and manufactured with processes that think about and reduce environmental impact.

Customised and tailor-made

100% customised packaging adapted to the needs of your company. Manufactured from start to finish with the aim of enhancing brand visibility.

Unlimited stockpiling

No matter what size or sector you belong to, we adapt to you. We manufacture for small, medium and large companies, adapting at all times to your demand and sales.

Made in Spain

Without intermediaries, at Creating Bags we centralise the production of each container from start to finish in our facilities. All our packaging is manufactured in Spain and our suppliers are 100% local, thus reducing our carbon footprint.

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We look back: more than 20 years
manufacturing and making it possible.

Looking back, we have been making natural packaging for more than 20 years with the aim of changing the way we understand packaging.

Creating Bagsthe factory was born out of the need to provide companies with a more sustainable alternative packaging that started with the creation of austere sachets.

Over time and learning from the different needs of our customers, we knew clearly what our purpose and mission was: to help companies in their differentiation and visibility with more environmentally friendly packaging. Today we can say that we have achieved it!


Committed to your product. A packaging within reach of your needs.

At Creating Bags we have always been clear about the importance of establishing consolidated ties with our clients, accompanying them from start to finish in the growth of their business.

Beyond sustainable packaging, we manufacture ideas capable of consolidating our customers' needs: differentiation, personalisation and increased sales.

End-to-end solutions from packaging

Know the process that each of your orders goes through from start to finish

Personalised advice

A team of specialists at packaging can be customised to suit the client's needs.

Flexible production

Small, medium or large companies. We adapt to each business and its demand.


We take care of every stage of production and order processing from start to finish